Intersecting perspectives

From 15 to 17 October, in person and via live streaming

Conferences bringing together panelists from different and complementary disciplines/organizations, who address a topic in the form of a discussion panel, enriching it with individual and collective contributions.

Livestreamed to the community and shared by more than 10 countries, they ask questions at an international level while exploring strategic and pragmatic local responses enhanced by the exchanges.

We wish to 

      • Accelerate ethical, robust and legal AI initiatives in the professional world through networking, facilitating informal meetings and providing visibility
      • Raise public awareness of the challenges posed by AI and the issues at stake in order to encourage the public to become involved in the design of ethical, robust and legal AI



Friday 15 October 2021


Arts, artificial intelligence & Start-up


A meeting between art, economy and artificial intelligence to explore the concrete applications, the impact on the necessary skills and the challenges posed.


Hybrid intelligence to exceed the limits


The concept of hybrid intelligence™ is the articulation of individual, collective and artificial intelligence to exceed together the limits of each. How to activate it?


Does AI needs its own Guerrilla Girls?


Diversity in AI is the big issue facing us with this technology. The proportion of women in AI is 22% worldwide, if this is a problem, why?

Saturday 16 October 2021


Our relationship with non-human entities

Our interactions with non-human entities have occupied our human evolution, be it in the “human-animal” interaction or in the relationship with nature. What will be the situation with artificial intelligences?


Awareness and creativity

In a world where artificial intelligences are emerging, where the notion of creativity is no longer the prerogative of humans, where intellectual property is being rethought, what relationships and settings should be considered when dealing with AI?

Sunday 17 October 2021


Reality is a lie

How AI will affect our understanding of what is true. Human memory is approximate at best and constantly reshapes the truth, especially if shown altered images.


How to survive ?

Should we be more afraid of artificial intelligence, of its stupidity or of the humans? Will we all have to ” increase ” ourselves to cope with AI? Will AI be an ally?