15 to 31 october 2021

Laboratory of art and artificial intelligence

About the AiiA Festival

The Artificial Intelligence International Arts (AiiA) festival is an AI arts and culture festival that explores how culture shapes and is shaped by technological innovation.

We are witnessing the arrival of artificial intelligence as a tool for artistic expression. This technological innovation, like photography or video in their time, will lead to new reflections on art and society as much as on the technology itself.

The AiiA festival is in line with this movement.

The organization of the festival

The AiiA Festival will offer a journey between exhibitions, thoughts, and experiences. It is set up to 6 topics for an approach with artificial intelligence beyond the boundaries of the mind. Discover these themes below

Artists' residency

Artists' residency

Four artists from various backgrounds are in residence for a month, finding ways to work with Chimère, the festival’s artificial intelligence. They will explore, experiment and divert the A.I. art tools in their own ways to create works that use or comment on artificial intelligence in our society. 

Residency :  20 September – 14 October 2021



Chimère is the artificial intelligence that’s at the heart of the festival. It is with Chimère that the artists of the residency interact for their creations, that the public interacts at the bar and that the organisers interact to integrate an alternative version of the festival. Chimère evolves through all of these exchanges.

Open : 15 – 31 October 2021



Exhibition is centred around artworks that use or comment on our relationship with artificial intelligence and non-human entities. Exhibition will be inaugurated at the opening of the festival and will continue for 2 weeks.

Exhibition : 15 – 31 October 2021



Workshops to explore, experiment, and question artificial intelligence will take place throughout the festival and until the end of October. Imagined for children and creative adults.

School visits : 18 – 22 October 2021

“Holiday” workshops for 9-14 year-olds :

25 – 29 October 2021

As part of the Fête du Théâtre :

9 October 2021



Conferences bringing together artists, sociologists, anthropologists, economists, researchers, …, who address the issues and challenges posed by artificial intelligence. Conferences are also accessible at a distance, by videoconference.

Conferences : 15 – 17 October 2021



A look at the process of creating art with artificial intelligence. Viewed through the meeting of the residency artists and Chimère, the festival’s A.I.

Broadcasting: 15 – 31 October 2021

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