C.2 Hybrid intelligence to exceed the limits

Hybrid intelligence is the articulation of individual, collective and artificial intelligence to exceed together the limits of each of them.
What is collective intelligence? How can it be activated? What can we learn from societies where collaboration has been the basis of functioning? Where biology gives us a new look at living beings that survive much better if they weave cooperative and mutual relationships, we are beginning to rethink the dogmas of the “law of the jungle” so prevalent in our society.

Friday 15 October 2021

13h00 – 14h30

Théâtre Saint-Gervais, Geneva


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Dr. GARCIA Claude

Dr. GARCIA Claude

Teacher and researcher ETHZ, Switzerland Zürich

Dr. Claude Garcia leads transdisciplinary research projects from the Congo Basin to Indonesia and Colombia. Drawing on Systems Science Strategy Games and his background in ecology, he has developed approaches and tools to balance decisions with local and governmental knowledge, constraints, and opportunities.
With participatory modelling, he explores here the development of a hybrid intelligence ™ to mobilize the best of individual, collective and artificial intelligence.



Sociologist, mathematician, philosopher, France

Inventor in 1991 of the “Trees of Knowledge”. Mathematician, philosopher and sociologist, former teacher, researcher, he accompanied Michel Serres in the “University of France” mission to the Prime Minister. An expert with UNESCO and WHO, he has been teaching at Paris-VIII and the Sorbonne and advising major French and international companies and institutions. His current research focuses on a non-quantifiable theory of value, based on the concepts of meaning and form.

FELLAY Abigail

FELLAY Abigail

Research Assistant, ETH Zurick

Experienced in interdisciplinary approaches, systems thinking and participatory modeling, she is particularly interested in the interface between humans and nature. Her work in the field of responsible procurement and working with a wide range of stakeholders brings her a keen eye for the collaboration of intelligence to solve complex problems.